Android Henchmen, also known as Professor Gill's evil Henchmen, are masked androids who are led by an android monster -- commit some heinous crime in the name of DARK, usually snuffing out the life of an innocent victim along the way.

They are foot soldiers that use a naginata to attack Paul Walker, they are considerably weaker compared to the Destructoids, to the point of being destroyed in one punch by Paul in his human form. This is also to the extent where a fully grown man can defeat them as well, as Hanpei later showed.

They initially scream "DARK" in their appearances, but later switched to "Gill" for some unexplained reason. Since they can easily be created with little to no trouble by DARK, they are often disposed of if they fail as well as used as in experiments that leave them destroyed.

The Destructoid monsters and drone androids attack but the familiar strains of Paul's guitar interrupt their mischief. He denounces the monsters, flings his guitar away, and plunges into the fray—usually in what appears to be a quarry. The pulsating Kikaida theme song plays in the background. The Destructoid monster and drones retreat, and Paul rides off on his bright yellow motorcycle. Left behind, a shaken Mitsuko, Masaru and a survivor of the first scene's mayhem are left to carry on with their angst-ridden missions.

Later on, the Destructoid and drones mount a second attack, and again Paul appears.

Unfortunately, Paul has one major weakness: an incomplete conscience circuit. This Achilles' Heel renders him vulnerable to Professor Gill's mind-controlling flute, and Paul suffers excruciating pain resisting the flute's shrill strains wooing him to the DARK side.

Although they stated that they required money to create weapons and conquer the world, it is questionable why considering how even one of their initial Destructoids had about 10 million horsepower, which they later upgraded with seemingly little to no trouble. This can somewhat be explained by Paul's presence however, as all the Destructoids were later indeed destroyed by him and other sources, which led to DARK's destruction.

They appear in every episode, attacking and attempting to kill Paul.

Physical Appearance

Android Henchmen are outfitted in gray or pink jumpsuits and black hightop sneakers.