Destructoids are powerful mechanical soldiers that were possibly created by Dr. Komyoji for benevolent purposes, until being upgraded for destructive purposes by Professor Gill and his followers.

The Destructoids are (mostly) all loyal to only Gill himself, while having no attachments towards others. It was shown that the original thirteen were creations of Dr. Komyoji, with the rest (aside from Orange Snail) being productions of DARK's scientists. Most of the Destructoids can seemingly grow stronger if they hear Gill's flute, in contrast to Paul's suffering from it.

Each Destructoid has their own unique personalities, with most of them being very violent and quick to show their emotions. Some of them can be rather odd at times, whether that being intentional or not a mystery.

It is interesting to note that some Destructoids do not look similar to the creatures they were based upon, to the point of sometimes being completely different looking in comparison. It was also explained that the reason why Destructoids that were created by Dr. Komyoji looked like animals, was to "leave the appearance of animals that were becoming extinct", with Dr. Komyoji's love for nature and his late son being a primary reason as well.

List of Destructoids

1) Gray Rhino King

2) Green Mantis

3) Orange Ant

4) Blue Buffalo

5) Yellow Jaguar

6) Black Horse

7) Bull Kong

8) Carmine Spider

9) Red Condor

10) Scorpion Brown

11) Gold Wolf

12) Silver Cat

13) Pink Tiger

14) Silver Tortoise

15) Golden Bat

16) Rouge Jellyfish

17) Red Hornet

18) Black Chameleon

19) King Crab Maroon

20) Blue Water Scorpion

21) Purple Rat

22) White Saw Shark

23) Yellow Antlion Brothers

24) Pink Armadillo

25) Orange Snail