Introduction to Kikaida Wiki

Hello Kikaida Fans! This is a spoof of the 1970s Japanese show, Android Kikaider. I am proud to be a part of this Wiki. For starters, Paul Walker is Kikaida. This is about Paul defeating Professor Gill's terrorist organization, DARK.

Welcome to the Wiki

The basic story follows Paul Walker, a robot who was built by Doctor Komyoji in order to stop DARK and Professor Gill from achieving world domination. What will enable Paul to do so is GEMINI, a special conscience circuit designed to help Paul distinguish between good and bad and thus ignore the evil orders of Professor Gill. However, GEMINI was left incomplete due to Professor Gill catching wind of Doctor Komyoji's intentions and taking him prisoner. Paul meets the doctor's daughter, and the two of them, along with Mitsuko's little brother, set out to find Doctor Komyoji and attempt to fix Paul's broken conscience circuit. Professor Gill sends out his robot minions to try and thwart them, but Paul is able to change into his high-powered alter-ego Kikaida and stop them.


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