Pink Armadillo is the twenty-fourth Destructoid created by Professor Gill.

She is a mentally ill and black-hearted Destructoid who brainwashes countless men, due to her "beauty". Pink Armadillo is a ruthless and catty Desructoid who can disguise herself as a human while walking down the streets.

She desperately needs an army to destroy Paul Walker. By doing so, Pink Armadillo finds men who fall for her, and kisses them on the forehead after knocking them unconscious with her powers.

However, Paul defeat the manipulated men and he fights Pink Armadillo off but she gets the upper-hand (or so she thinks). Kikaida uses his Spinning Attack and punches her in the chest and breasts before attempting to fight and destroy her by raising his fists. Pink Armadillo, breathing heavily, decides that she should not die a beautiful woman. She runs away.

In her human form, Pink Armadillo has turned hideously ugly and her face is swollen and bruised. Moaning in pain and crying, Pink Armadillo tells herself she accepts and hits a switch, causing a mountain to explode to bits, killing her in the process.


Pink Armadillo is a ruthless and manipulative woman who uses her "beauty" to brainwash men. During this, Pink Armadillo knocks them unconscious and kisses them on the forehead, leaving a number.

She is also very black-hearted to Paul Walker by: successfully wrapping her whip-like arm to strangle him, and whipping him to death as punishment for disobeying DARK and attempting to destroy him. He also shows no love or compassion towards Paul, and only uses him as a tool for her personal gain.

Furthermore, Pink Armadillo appears to be a rather manipulative and stoic woman, always appearing cool and collected, and only shows fear when Paul transforms into Kikaida and prepares to destroy her. Pink Armadillo rarely exhibits humor, and whenever she does, it is dry and black.